Most Exciting Features Of Ipage Sitelock

With so many websites being built on daily basis, it is becoming a lot difficult for the hosting sites to keep abreast with all the info that may or may not be correct. With an enormous selection of clients, from individuals to businesses owners, we at ipage make it a point to put immense attention on keeping up a very high level of safety measures in our clients’ web hosting services. This is so done by our useful and effective partnership with SiteLock, which is an Internet protection company that offers many malware as well as spam-scanning software. Ipage sitelock provides such services on free value-added basis that helps all our clients a great deal in safeguarding their respective web sites on 24x 7x 365 basis. It also provides resources for all our clients to keep up a spotlessly clean and virus free hosting situation. It also offers many “badges” to our clients who make it a point to maintain a spotless environment in their domains at all times. This practice not only gives more enthusiasm as well as confidence to our clients to make it a point continually but also keeps their domain out of harm's way and protected always.


Since the Internet has grown by leaps and bounds at an astonishing pace in the past few years, there are all types of web sites on the platform. Most of them are well made for public use with the help of ipage sitelock while many others are made to infect other sites with malwares as well as viruses. There are a lot of companies working in this field but we claim to be one of the most reputed and renowned name in the industry that works round the clock and works hard to safeguard our clients’ online businesses from any process that could take advantage of our clients’ site. In addition to this, there is a lot of business traffic including the unfriendly parties that infest the clients’ sites with viruses and attack their online businesses vigorously to lower their security level.

ipage sitelock
ipage sitelock

This can also result in the client losing a big chunk of business by getting their site attacked in a way that it becomes difficult to recover it back to the normal level. When we manage or clients’ sites, we make it a point at all time to use ipage sitelockfeature tomake them a lot less susceptible to such threats. All our end-users can have a better guarantee of doing their online business safely everyday without having to worry about the viruses or the spam. This also helps a lot in generating better business by getting greater traffic for our client’s web site. Since most other web hosting providers offer this feature at much higher price, it becomes expensive for the clients to shell out that kind of money to just protect her sites. With us, things are different as our security tight integration to all our client’s web site pages provides a lot of relief to them always.